Tent Pegs Plastice Orange

Tent Pegs Metal Orange Head

Flat Tire Repair Kit (Plug)

Shelf Brackets

Steel Grining Wheels

Paint Sticks Small

Sandpaper (Various Qualities)

Telescopic Magnet with Magnetic Screw Holder and Flexible Reaching

Tack Cloth

Leveler Red Small

Leveler Blue/White Small for using with wire

Garage Lamp Cover

Siphon Hose (2)

Protective Mask (4)

Electric Sander

Electric Corded Drill w/Drill Bits

Paint Trays with Plastic Covers (3)

Paint Stainer for Tray

Paint Roller, Small Paint Roller and Small Paint Roller with Brush

Paint Roller Brushes (3)

Caulking Gun

Paint Cup, Hand held