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Project Category: Storage

Storage 13

Siphon Hose Small Shower Curtain Rings Plastic Portable Water containers, soft 1 liter Unscented Candles Votive Candles Solar Shower (2) Emergency Items Two water bottles on a belt (2) Duracell DC/AC converter for Car Battery...

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Storage 12

Lots of Wires (usb) Velcro Ties Death Star Lamp Base Peice Battry Checker Light Bulb Easel Ear Bud Wings Gardening Gloves Angled Cutter Moped License Plate Eye Protectors Glasses Box Cutters Scissors Plugs Scotch Tape Ipad...

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Storage 11

Christmas Decorations Tiny USB Powered Fans Potable Hose with Hose Nozzle Pans Ice Cube Trays Starcraft pylon Charger Frost the Snowman Christmas Gift...

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