I’m not sure exactly how much you know about me, but I am a creative person and recently I’ve resurrected RPG Maker MV. My father was an artist and I remember him painting the walls in the living room with animals and one time, the entire Milky Way Galaxy complete with dark light glowing paint. Since a little kid, I’ve enjoyed and felt a calling to be a Creative.

My biggest drawback however is follow through. We have started many types of creative projects and only a few have made it through to completion (yes, I have lots of perla beads silently stored in the garage somewhere).

RPG Maker MV is a software tool used for creating Role Playing Games, in pixelated wonder. Built into RPG Maker MV (the latest iteration) are an enormous amount of tools that can make your idea come to life.

RPG Maker MV updates.

Many people who know about RPG Maker knows about the previous version. Each newer version brought enhancements and improvements, but they were so far apart that they were in essence new versions. The same is true with RPG Maker MV, this game is a newer version that has improvements in map building, a higher resolution and the ability to export (or compatible with) to web browsers, tablets and phones.

We are at the beginning of the RPG Maker MV experience so we are excited and a little nervous. Excited to create something new and nervous that the fire will die instead of rise.

Here is a photo gallery of some of the maps we are working on.


The first part of our game is about water rights.

You are a simple chicken-herder and your chickens have wondered off.

In your search for your wandering chickens, you stumble upon a confrontation.

Of course, there has to be an underground board.

It all leads to an epic battle against good and evil over the water rights of two nations!