Riding out the storm can be more comforting when you are doing it with friends. We were blessed to ride it out at Susie and Cristiano’s house. In total we were eleven people of different ages so it worked out well. We were ordered to evacuate our area because we were in a flood zone that expected to be under strong storm surge. Our friends home was in Zone D and we were in Zone B, so being two zones further inland really helped ease our minds… and we had games!

Riding out the Storm

Riding out the Storm - Hurricane Irma 2017

Through a Glass Darkly

With all the windows either boarded up or shuttered, this oval window in the door was our only insight into the world outside.

Riding out the Storm - Hurricane Irma 2017

Alone in the Dark, not

Having people around you during a Hurricane can ease tensions. Playing board games, Nintendo handhelds and good company can make the time fly by.

Riding out the Storm - Hurricane Irma 2017

Classic Game - CLUE

Candle light presents the perfect mood setting for this classic game of CLUE. No electricity, no problem. The smartest emergency preppers bring games to help the mind deal with crisis. In other parts of the world it's known as CLUEdo
Riding out the Storm - Hurricane Irma 2017

Just Another Day

It wasn't all fun and games. Some worked on their audio tracks, school work, lesson plans and Rummekube games. Overall, the sounds of crashing trees and howling winds were muted by enjoyable distractions.
Riding out the Storm - Hurricane Irma 2017

You can come out now

After some careful peeking out into the world. It was time to come out of hiding. Hurricane Irma wasn't completely done, but the winds were calm enough to the younglings to venture out and one very happy adult.