500+ Loose Leaf College Ruled Paper

80+ Graph Paper

2 Spiral Bound Notebooks (80 sheets)

2 Plastic Page Dividers

75+ Plastic Sheet Protecters

2000+ Index Cards, Lined

100+ Index Cards, Colored and Lined

100 Post it Notes (Regular)

100+ Post it Notes (Small)

Rubber Stamp Custom Print Kit

24 Acco Large Clips

100 Acco Jumbo Paper Clips

25+ Mechanical Pencils

Prayer Cards and Card Box

7 Pink Erasers

2 Pencil Sharpeners

Stapler (Small)

Staple Remover

Clear Push Pins

Exacto Knife

Index Card Plastic Holder

3 Hole Puncher

2 Wooden Rulers 4 Plastic Rulers


Screen Protector (1)

Etch Art Cards

10,000 Staples Swingline

Paper Hole Binders

2 Pack Mechanical Pencil Lead

Envelopes No. 10 (Taped)